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Paris awakens

Jean-Luc Laimm - Bilingual edition

144 pages - 20.5 x 24 - 25,00

Every morning, as the blue hour disappears, the day timidly appears. In this ephemeral moment, the street lamps are still lit up, giving off soft, warm colours while waiting for the gradual arrival of the sun. Without a sound, Paris wakes up gracefully, from the alleys to the

Haussmannian boulevards, from the quays of the Seine to its old quarters with their emblematic monuments, through Montmartre. The magic of Paris remains intact. Photographer Jean-Luc Laimm has captured these brief but timeless moments.

Couverture Heure bleue.jpg

Paris Spots Photos

Jean-Luc Laimm - Bilingual edition

168 pages - 20.5 x 12 - 11,50

To get the best shots of Paris, you must first know the best spots. Jean-Luc Laimm invites you to discover them. From the great monuments to the banks of the river Seine, including Montmartre, he will guide you on where you should be to get a creative frame.

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Paris at the blue hour

Jean-Luc Laimm - Bilingual edition

132 pages - 20.5 x 24 - 25,00

Twice a day, at dusk and dawn, for a few minutes, the sky turns a deep blue, this unique moment is called the Blue Hour. Throughout the Seine, for centuries, the history has left us some majestic bridges and monuments, all part of the charming atmosphere of the old

Paris, where lovers are the witnesses of the romanticism of the City of Lights. Paris is an endless source of inspiration. The photographer Jean-Luc Laimm, with his careful patience has over the years been capturing this exceptional light to give us unique and timeless photos.